Mary Keating began her acting career at the Cleveland Play House in Cleveland, Ohio. There she met her future husband, actor Charles Keating. Although she has performed sporadically over the years, her main focus was and continues to be, her family. She comes from a family of nine chidren, with a strong musical influence, beginning from the cradle. Her mother sang nursery songs to all of the babies, and that example carried on with her own chidren and then her grandchildren. Today's children live in a world of fast images from the internet and television. These songs are reminiscent of a time when things were a little more gentle.

Although Mary wrote and sings the songs; she credits her son, James (Jamie), for bringing them to life. Jamie not only arranged and produced the CD, he plays the instruments, sings back-up and features prominently in "Silly Song". He engineered the recording and painted and designed the cover.

James is a classical guitarist, with a Licentiate degree from Trinity College, London. He has played his own compositions for the guitar at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York. He has written film scores for independent films, and composed music for an Off-Broadway production of "Romeo and Juliet" He was a member of the band "Kilkaren"; lead guitar, vocals and composer.

Mary has also written songs for "Camp MakeBelieve", a program designed to help children understand their emotions.